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Angelheart Champions



CH Brylee's Forever Royal at Angelheart
CH Angelheart's Under Pressure


CH Angelheart's Stairway to Heaven


CH Angelheart's The Mystery of Murdoch at Chickadee


CH Angelheart's All The Way Chickadee
CH Angelheart's Are You Ready to Rumble



CH Angelheart's N Loz Feliz Everything's Sexier in Paris





CH Almendares Sonata (Bella)





 CH Almendares Symfonia (Annie)







 AM/CAN CH BISS Angelheart's U R The 1 That I Want  (Newton)



CH Angelheart's The Steel Curtain at Loz Feliz (Steeler)


CH Angelheart's Adorabull Rolling in the Deep (Adele)


CH Angelheart's Good to the Last Drop (Bailey)


 GCH Riverhill's Uptown Girl at Angelheart Los Feliz  (Gia)



 CH Angelheart's Lets Get Physical (Olivia)


 CH Angelheart's Return of the Prodigal Son (Rembrandt)


 CH Angelheart's Good Better Best (Coal)


 CH Angelheart's The Perfect Storm (Katie)


 CH Angelheart's Doing Him Justice (DJ)


 CH Angelheart's Oscar at Reding Retreat (Oscar)


 CH Angelheart's Give Me Liberty (Libby)


 CH Angelheart Heatwave at Tigerlily (Castle)


 CH Angelheart's Music of the Night (Phantom)


 CH Angelheart's Debut's All I Ask of You (Bandit)


 CH Angelheart's Your So Vain (Carly)


 CH Prairiwind's All That Jazz at Angelheart (Jazz)


 CH Prairiwind's Your a Fine Girl at Angelheart (Brandy)


 CH Prairiwind's Hanna at Angelheart (Hannah)


 CH Angelheart's Buffalo Soldier (Marley)


 CH Amazing Grace (Gracie)


 CH Spirit in the Sky (Niko)


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