When I started inquiring about a puppy from Angelheart, Bill patiently answered every question I had. The health testing of the parents was important to me. I visited a new litter, and I chose our Piper based on her “personality,” as I was hoping to have a therapy dog. Piper is now a certified therapy dog and loves her “work.” She seemed lonely for canine companionship, though, and so again I visited Bill and Paula and chose our Zora. We had never owned two dogs before, and again Bill and Paula answered my questions. The love and care that puppies receive from Bill, Paula, and their family makes for gentle and well-socialized puppies. My dogs are both 4 years old now, and still when they hear Paula’s voice on an Angelheart video they both come running. The care they received there is evident. And Bill and Paula’s interest in our dogs did not end when they handed our puppies over to us. They remain interested in updates and photos. I was so lucky to find Bill and Paula, and I highly recommend them!