I would like to share how happy we are with our experience with Angelheart Havanese. At first I was daunted by the fact that we are so far away from the breeders but they sent us a video of our puppy and were very communicative and responsive with our endless questions. Bill’s patience was excellent and just what I needed as we went through the entire process. We picked up our “Biscuit” at the airport and she stole our hearts right from the start. Nine years have now past and we still have a happy, healthy, super smart dog. She really amazes me with what she understands of the English language! She has been with us through the important milestones of our children’s lives and is such an important member of our family. I actually would love to get another Havanese from Angelheart as they do what they do with much care, attention and love. Hopefully someday soon!

Happy Havanese Owners,
Melissa , Nathan, Daniel and Hannah Krause
Fort Worth, Texas